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Anniversary Shoot with Wedding Blogger, Hindsight Bride

Two years ago we received a comment online (flickr or somewhere) from a bride with the monicker Hindsight Bride (now known as MountainSide Bride). After a few “clicks” we found out she was a wedding blogger. We replied to her comment and told her she could post the photos on her blog if she wanted, because, hey, we love to share. Wedding blogs are wonderful sources of information, many of which are written by brides who have been through it all. We were particularly intrigued by this wedding blogger because her wedding story includes an unfortunate tragedy. No, the cake didn’t fall to the ground, nor did a groomsman faint. It’s something far worse, something permanently catastrophic and not recoverable. Ok ok, enough drama. Her wedding day photos were ruined by the amateur photographer she hired. She thought she did her homework and was being clever by using a student from the university she was working at. The end result, however, was bad. Of course we were not thinking “Ha ha that’s what you get” but rather this could be a moral for brides to hire professional photographers.

“Every time I looked at my wedding picture disks, I cried. I mean real, big, ugly, self-pitying sob sessions.” ~Hindsight Bride

A few social media comments and emails later, she popped the question to us. She wanted to get all dressed up and do an anniversary shoot while recreating the DIY details of her wedding. We were honored and beyond excited that she asked. So we met her and her hubby on their one year anniversary at the NC Arboretum and spent a few hours taking portraits and detail shots. Both of them were completely amazing to work with and it makes us love our jobs even more when we get emails like this: “We can’t thank you enough for helping us capture the moments that remind us of how much we love one another… While I can never go back in time and redo my wedding photos, this is the next best thing.”

Weddings are never perfect. Something is bound to go wrong, and after photographing many weddings we are always expecting the unexpected. You can’t control every aspect of your big day, but you can chose a photographer wisely. So we encourage you to read Hindsight Bride’s whole story here. She says it best, we are just her anniversary photographers ;)

“If you want professional photography, you need to hire professionals. They don’t come cheaply, but they’re worth it!” ~HSB

NC Arboretum wedding portraitPin Image

Wedding anniversary photo shootPin Image

Hindsight BridePin Image

Two Rings in a cupPin Image

cakePin Image

Portrait of bride and groomPin Image

Wedding photo by Two Ring StudiosPin Image

NC Arboretum wedding shootPin Image

DIYPin Image

butterflyPin Image

Pin Image

Homemade Italian cookiesPin Image

tablePin Image

Hindsight Bride - wedding bloggerPin Image

Asheville, NC wedding photoPin Image

DIYPin Image

Pin Image

Bride at NC ArboretumPin Image

Bride being carried awayPin Image

Bride on motorcycle with groomPin Image

Motorcycle bridePin Image

Riding awayPin Image

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  • Kat Forsyth - Oh yay! These are lovely! I’m so glad they got the wedding pics they deserve!

    And gorgeous bee pic. Best ever!

  • Josh - Seriously? How dope is this shoot! Love that second shot! Really incredible job.

  • Maximiliano Barros - motorcycle dude is stealing the bride!! oh wait… I see what you did there…


  • Jakob - Can’t go wrong with a bride on a bike.

  • Chelsey - That black and white of them on the bench is just awesome!

  • Teresa K - So lovely….ad the details are immaculate!!

  • Leah Kua - These are truly gorgeous. I’m SO glad she has these now.

  • Alan Langley | Kent Wedding Photographers - What a fantastic set – the detail shots are great but the bike shots steal the show.

  • Ariana - I love those motorcycle shots! Gorgeous way to end a wedding.

  • mark - Crazy good man!!

  • Heather - This is AWESOME!!! The lighting in the first shot with the motorcycle is STUNNING, and I adore that top one, too!

  • Rachel - I had the same thing happen!!!! I WISH I had hired a professional photographer!!! We were strapped for money and my sister “knew” someone who took pictures. I had a couple of good ones…but I still look at all of them and wish…. :(


  • Christie O. {Hindsight Bride} - Thanks again for saving the day Derek and Galen! I want to share the story behind that motorcycle: When our taxes came back, I wanted to spend half of the money on professional photography. At first Dustin wasn’t into it. He wanted a motorcycle, which I thought was a waste of money. In the end we compromised, or rather spoiled each other. He got the motorcycle and I got my pictures. He was so excited to include the bike in the shoot. So cute!

    It’s also worth noting that Dustin was less than enthusiastic about doing an anniversary shoot. But once he met Galen and Derek, he relaxed and had a great time. Once we got home Dustin turned to me and said, Those guys were really cool; I actually had a good time.”

    So if you ever want to do an anniversary shoot with a husband whose dragging his feet about the whole endeavor, I can’t recommend the guys at Two Ring Studio enough. They’ll totally be able to relate to your groom/hubs to loosen him up. They’re so easy to get along with; it was like hanging out with old friends.

    Thanks Two Ring Studios!

  • Jesse Schafer - I like your style, familiar and yet distinctive.

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