Hiring a wedding photographer isn’t an everyday occurrence so we want to break it down and simplify our process from start to finish. Below is most of the info you’ll need.

Have a question that isn’t on here? Great, feel free to ask us!

Before the Wedding

Can we meet before I hire you?

Absolutely, we love meeting clients. Not from our area? No problem, we do phone or Skype consults all the time and if you’ll be in Asheville before your wedding, we can even schedule a time to meet after you book with us.

How do I book you?

We have a standard contract for you to fill out, along with a 30% reservation fee to secure your date. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks before your wedding. We accept major credit cards, check, and money order.

Do I need 2 photographers on my wedding day?

This depends on several factors and we are happy to make a recommendation after hearing about your wedding.

Are you full-time wedding photographers?

Yes we are. Photography is our livelihood, our passion, our calling.

The Photography Stuff

Do you process each photo?

Absolutely. Each photo needs its own TLC and we process/edit each one to make it look awesome. Make sure to read the difference between our editing/processing vs. touch-up.

When can I see my photos?

4-7 weeks after your wedding the finished collection will be in your online gallery (password-protected) so you can order prints and share your photos with friends & family.

How many photos do I get?

400-1200 depending on the wedding, hours of coverage, and if you get 1 or 2 photographers.

When and how do I get the hi-res digital images?

6 months after your wedding we send you your processed, hi-res images for archival purposes.

Do I have copyrights to the images?

Yes! We share a joint copyright with our clients and you will have the photos for generations to come. You are allowed to print them yourself for personal use, however we recommend using our printer since the quality is pristine. Our contract has more detailed info on copyright.

Do you give us any black & white photos?

We sure do. We’ll give you more or less depending on your interest in black & white images. We also give you a color version if we make a photo black & white.

Do you do printed wedding albums?

Yes, and we always encourage couples to invest in our high quality albums. We consider it the ‘final product’ of your wedding: it’s tangible, beautiful, and a great way to show friends your wedding day without sitting at a computer.

Other Questions

Are you insured?


What cameras do you use?

We shoot with Nikon D4 ‘s and use an assortment of professional lenses. To put it simply: if your wedding is in the dark, we can still get amazing pictures. Yep, it takes more than just an expensive camera to make pretty pictures, but the quality of our gear is top notch so you have piece of mind.

Do you have special dietary needs for your vendor meals?

Thanks for asking, but no. We’ll eat just about anything. It doesn’t have to be filet mignon ;)

Do you belong to any wedding photography organizations?

Here are a few blogs and organizations we belong to:

Style Me Pretty, Fearless, Wedding Chicks

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