Downtown Asheville and NC Arboretum Engagement

Happy 2016!  2015 started off with a bang and the momentum carried on leading Two Ring Studios to have one of our best years.  I was able to photograph some amazing couples at beautiful venues.  The only downside to this was that all my time was spent editing photos with no chance to blog.  Now with my season slowing (the calm before the 2016 storm), I knew it was time to share some of these stories.  With so many great events to chose from it was hard to pick a place to start, until yesterday when I heard from Kristin who was married at the Arboretum, so I took this as a sign to put her event up on my blog. The following photos are from Kristin and Keith’s engagement session where we roamed around downtown Asheville, the NC Arboretum and a few late night shots on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

To give you a little backgroud, Kristin and Keith met while in school at Appalachian State in Boone, NC.  Theirs was a friendship turned into love that all began with their first kiss at a Michael Jackson coverband concert.  Love would take them from Boone, to Raleigh, to Michigan and then on a chilly St. Partick’s day Keith asked Kristin to marry him by tying a ring to their puppies neck and the rest is history.  Did I mention he had set up 3 iPads and an iPhone in the room so that their families could watch it all unfold?

Every part of this collection is amazing, so I decided to split the blog into two parts: The Engagement and The Wedding.
Downtown Asheville and Arboretum Engagement Photos


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