Happy Anniversay Swapna and Ravi: August 5, 2008

Know what we love about Indian weddings? The colors of course! Rich golds, greens, fuchsias, tangerine combine beautifully to produce some of the most fantastic wedding eye candy. There is so much going on visually at an Indian wedding. Aside from the colors, Indian weddings are elaborate affairs that not only join together two people, but also two families.

Here are a handful of our color-popping favorites, but be sure to check out the original post back on August 5, 2008!

Indian bride faces away showing off her flower adorned, braided hair.

henna hands rest on golden skirts

Indian groom in traditional wedding attire

Indian bride and groom

white wedding cake with black detail and fuchsia sugar flowers

little Indian girl in traditional green and gold wedding attire

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