How to Pick the Best Photographer for You!

I’ll be honest, we want your business. But, more than that, we want to make sure we are the best fit for you. Without fail, finding a photographer that is compatible with your style and aesthetic ensures great photos all around. Choosing a photographer may be one of your most important decisions, so here are a few tips to get you started:

How to choose a wedding photographer

1. Spend time looking at photography that inspires you.

Spend some time looking at good wedding photography online. Better yet, spend some time looking at photography that inspires you. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, and it is essential that you like your photographer’s work.  Let’s face it, you are spending a lot of money on photography. Behind reception costs, photography may be the most expensive line item in your budget. Furthermore, your wedding pictures need to stand the test of time. Take some time to think about your personal aesthetic, and what you will value the most, not just today, but ten years later. Are you a classic bride? a traditional bride? an elegant bride? a rustic bride? an outdoorsy bride? a romantic bride? Think about your personal style and what you are naturally attracted to, then look for a photographer that can match that style.

vintage Life Magazine cover of sailor kissing girl
We love this classic photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt, from Life Magazine
Image from WikiMedia

2. Go with your gut first

Although wedding photography may seem expensive, go with your gut first, not your wallet. You know what you’re attracted to; you know what looks nice and what speaks to you personally. Also, be sure to look at a variety of photographers. You don’t necessarily have to limit your research to the area you’re having your wedding. You can look at photographers from all over the nation and the world to research what style you are attracted too. {aaah the beauty and power of the Internet!} A couple of our favorites are Ryan Brenizer and Abigail Seymour.

Queen Elizabeth sits in a chair looking out the window
Annie Leibovitz is a major source of inspiration for many photogs
Image of Queen Elizabeth by Annie Leibovitz via
Iconic Photos

3. Ask to see lots of pictures

Lastly, make sure your photographer can show you lots of pictures. You want to be sure that your photographer is capable of taking great quality photographs in many settings and situations. Make sure your photographer can get the shots of the details that you may miss because you cannot be everywhere all of the time, or because the day went by so fast you just don’t remember everything.

4. Bring your tear sheets and inspiration boards to your meeting

Pick a few shots that you love and go from there. Just like you meet your planner with your inspiration boards and tear sheets from bridal magazines, you can bring images to your photographer that inspire you; talk about what you like and why. This ensures that you and you’re photographer are a good fit. You don’t want anything left to change on your wedding day!

Good luck!

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