Editing / Processing vs. Touch-up

Editing / Processing

We spend a lot of time editing (aka processing) your photos to make them look their best. Every photo we deliver to you is edited — this includes tweaking contrast, saturation, color temperature, shadows/highlights and other basic adjustments to make the photo look beautiful. The editing process is included with every package and does not cost extra. Why would we want you to see a flat, unprocessed image from your wedding day? We wouldn’t. Here is a before and after image:


Touch-up is different than basic editing. Touch-up is mainly ‘smoothing the skin’ and also includes (but not limited to): removing blemishes/scars, shadows underneath eyes, and diminishing wrinkles & laugh lines. Touch-up is a personal preference and if you want photos touched-up, we totally understand. It is a more detailed process for us so this work costs extra. Our rate is $25 per photo. When clients request touch-up it’s typically for portraits and they chose about 20-25 images.

Here is an example of before and after Touch-up:
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