Wedding In the Oaks

One thing I absolutely love about photographing weddings is capturing moments in time that do justice in conveying the range of emotions that people go through. Hannah and James’s wedding had no shortage of warm fuzzies, tears and laughter throughout the day. This was my kind of celebration!

The Ceremony was In The Oaks in Black Mountain, NC. where the couple didn’t see each other before hand in the Manor House. This has been a more and more popular trend in the last few years and I’m loving it! Hannah and James wanted to spend some time together in prayer before they were married but didn’t want to see each other until the alter. I set them up in a lovely corner of the house and separated them by a door. The resulting moment was one of my favorites of the day and judging from the photos maybe one of theirs?

The ceremony was not only blessed with the love of their family and friends but also with beautiful light that filtered through the oaks. After taking some portraits of the family and lovely couple, everyone headed to the Century Room in downtown Asheville to continue the celebration at the reception.

Congratulations to Hannah and James and Thanks to Mozingo for sending this amazing couple my way!

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